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Huida die casting is located in Huzhou manufacturing base. It was put into production in July 2011.  Planned production equipments: 20 die casting machines ranging from 280T to 2000T, mainly for die casting of Auto parts. The company has a professional technical team which is capable of product development, tooling design, die casting technology, manufacturing and quality control, therefore, to be ideal choice of auto company, communications company and electric tool company.  


Huida die casting was established on the goal of high standard & high starting point. It possesses die casting machines, X-ray flaw detection analyzer, spectrum analyzer, universal tester, hydrogen measuring meter etc, to ensure that we can provide the customers with quality-reliable products.  


Huida die casting has provided customers from home and abroad with castings of rack housing, balance shaft, valve body, pump body, oil pan, auto-motor etc. The company has received a good reputation from customers on account of advanced technology & reliable quality.

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